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"Enable & Equip"

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Part of my messaging is that I love to "enable and equip" nonprofit organizations to focus on what they do best - running programs and building relationships. Time and time again I've seen nonprofit staff become burnt out, frustrated, and overwhelmed. The root cause is a good one - people working at nonprofits tend to be driven by their passion to fulfill the mission of the organization. But often this leads to choices that are unhealthy for the organization long-term, such as adding an event without considering the resources needed, or squeezing a new project into the job description of someone who does not have the capacity or skill set to do it well. This is a pervasive practice in nonprofits, driven by the good intentions of board members, executive directors, and volunteers. It's exasperated by the message funding organizations send when they offer funding for programs but not staffing or overhead.

I also see board members filling roles they shouldn't. If your board members spend an entire event doing logistics work - sorting name tags, unloading boxes, working the check-in desk - chances are high that they are missing out on a key opportunity to engage with your guests and build relationships.

This is why I'm passionate about my work. Bringing my expertise to nonprofits allows me to focus on the event or project management while your staff, board, and volunteers focus on their work. Every event and every project is improved when all the players know their roles and are equipped and enabled to do them well. I can provide the right tools to equip your team for success, and can handle the event & project management to enable you to focus on what matters most.

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